Lucy Folk x Corto Moltedo


Lucy Folk and Gabriele Corto Moltedo have collaborated again to bring you the Face Mask Cross Body Handbag.

A shape inspired by the amphitheatre of Playa del Silencio in Spain - a curved silhouette that mirrors the organic shape of the cove, carved over generations by the relentless sea.

Just fifteen of our Face Mask Handbags have been made. The Face Mask Cross Body Handbag is made in Florence, made from luxurious goat leather, which includes an internal leather zip pouch and a long adjustable leather strap. Available two colourways - Acajou and Tournesol.

Read more about our latest collaboration with Lucy Folk in conversion with Corto Moltedo.

Tell us about Corto Moltedo, where did it all start?

In my head, the imagination station. I wanted to follow the family tradition, but focus on leather goods, specifically bags, which I have always made. That’s how it started. But I was also very tired of what I had been seeing and I thought I could give a fresh perspective by going out on my own.

What inspires you each day?

The future, imagining the not yet imagined. Music, Art and Architecture provide foundations for me to dream. Every day you have is so filled with possibility that it’s hard not to be inspired, by both the banal and the extraordinary.

All your pieces are handmade in Florence, Italy - has this always been the case?

There is no other possible case. Florence is the centre of hand-crafted leather goods. This level of craftsmanship is currently impossible to find elsewhere.

Favourite place to eat in Florence…

That’s a secret I will never tell. However, I take Lucy to Cammillo which is my local, and delicious. I order the spaghetti pomodoro there. The simplest things are always the hardest to do well.

What’s your tipple of choice, & where...

Maestro tequila on ice, outside my shop in the gardens of the Palais Royal. I have a key to the garden and we have many impromptu parties there. Lucy likes tequila too...

Your parents are the Founders of Bottega Veneta - it’s in your blood...

My grandparents on one side disarmed bombs, and on the other were hoteliers. Extreme attention to detail and knowing what people want has been passed down the line. When someone has strong connection or passion to what they are doing, it is invariably inherited in some form.

Tell us a little bit about the Face Mask Bag...

The mask of many faces, Lucy came to see me in Florence, we were having fun being creative and playing around in my atelier. All great things come from playing, adults don’t do enough of it. Lucy has an extreme attention to detail that most people lack, so I knew we could work on something together. For me, the devil is in the details and in the execution of the idea, not just the idea itself.

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