What’s in a name? Stuck inside of mobile with the Memphis blues again.

In 1981 a Bob Dylan record spins in the Milan apartment of architect and designer Ettore Sottsass. His poetry strikes a chord and the iconic 80s design movement is named - Memphis ensues.

A name which evokes sentiments of the blues and vignettes of the Ancient Egyptian capital city. Taking inspiration from all things Memphis, Ettore Blues is the exotic new world of Lucy Folk.

When night falls over the Great Palace of Memphis, three beautiful attendants known as the Royal Ornaments are summoned to accompany their Egyptian Queen. She fancies some amusement, she has a case of the blues. Weary of lounging in her palatial boudoir, she desires a night out. So her Royal Ornaments conjure up a plan. They weave Egyptian magic and whisper whimsical tales of midnight antics…

They devise a disguise by adorning themselves with lavish decoration - Snake Charmer Earrings to beguile those who they meet along the street. A Diamond Eye pendant for good fortune. A Cairo Ring for a touch of royal bling. A Serpent Necklace for strength and seduction. And a pair of Cartouche sunglasses to complete the facade. The Queen, she is an artist, takes the dark out of the nighttime and paints the daytime black.

Blithe spirited and drowsy with wine, they flee the Palace walls. A secret society, they praise the mystical Goddess Hathor, embodiment of joy, pleasure and feminine love. At Le Memphis discothèque they lead a double life of decadence. The Queen wears an Egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks… “Let us defy the Golden Sun. Drink the ambrosial elixir and so Immortal we will become. We will rest in the Afterlife!”

With her inimitable flair for life, this Queen is destined for an eternal reign of supreme style. And yet she’s stuck inside of Memphis with the Ettore Blues again.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk

Producer - Skye Burke

Photographer - Victoria Zschommler

Photographer’s Assistant - Oliver Freeman & Nadeemy Betros

Digital Operator - Jack Younger

Behind The Scenes - Brigette Clark

Movement - Henry Cousins

Stylist - Kirsty Barros

Stylist’s Assistant - Gabrielle Penfold

Hair & Make Up - Bradwyn Jones

Hair & Make Up Assistant - Georgia Ramman

Talent - Katya & Gabrielle Gecso, Seala Lokollo-Evans & Thalea Michos-Vellis

Set Design - Michael Strownix & Fred Ganim

Copy - Rafaella Lucini

Graphic Artist - Gemma Leslie

Runner - Zaneta Vincent