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In Bloom: Jessica Gomes

We embark on a scented journey with Australian model Jessica Gomes on location (in what she’s calling fondly calling her summer pop-up) in London. We explore the essence of her long-standing relationship with roses, how the brain processes smell and memories and as well as the captivating tale of two creative forces Lucy Folk and PERDRISÂT uniting to craft an olfactory masterpiece.


Roses seem to be very personal and special to you, we hear you’re even a collector of rose scented perfumes… is that right?

I've been really obsessed with roses pretty much my whole life, ever since I can remember, it’s always been a flower that’s really spoken to me. To me, it represents love in its most simple form (I’m a hopeless romantic…), but from love and ceremony, it also represents life and death, it’s the circle of life.

Roses seem to have really followed me wherever I go, when I was living in LA I got a tattoo of a rose on the side of my rib drawn by legendary visual artist Scott Campbell, I have vivid memories of travelling through Morocco and walking through the markets discovering white rose perfumes, I’ve used rose hip oils in my skincare… and I suppose somewhere along the way I’ve amassed this collection of memories and scents. I just think they're the most beautiful flower, they are like poetry.

How does the story of your friendship with Callum start?

Well, first, I just love Callum as a person. He's such a dear friend of mine. He comes from an incredibly artistic, creative, and eccentric family in Melbourne and when I was spending time there, they really took me under their wing and made me feel part of his family.  

I think Callum's a genius. I really do. I feel like he's like a mad scientist in his lab with potions.


How does ‘Fleur De Sel’ differ from some of the other perfumes in your collection? How does it make you feel?

Fleur De Sel makes me feel powerful, but more importantly it makes me feel playful giving me the freedom to explore my weird and eccentric side. Like this shoot we did, it makes me want to run around, feel free, be in nature, hug a tree – very different to how I feel about my other perfumes. My other rose perfumes make feel pretty and sexy, but with Fleur De Sel I have feminine power and I feel unique. I feel like this is me, and there’s no one else like me.

As a collaborative project between Lucy Folk and PERDRISAT, it’s so aligned. It gives me a curiosity for life, almost like Alice in Wonderland, I just want to discover more. Lucy and Callum are both true artisans.

Funnily enough, I feel like Lucy Folk's brand is this way. There's no one like Lucy Folk and everything she does is bespoke to her customer.  Lucy is not in the business of over producing things, she’s measured, and everything is curated to the highest standard. That’s the way I want to live my life.

So how would you describe the scent of 'Fleur De Sel'?

It’s soft, like a soft dusty rose. Not overpoweringly floral. And while it’s feminine, it’s also masculine. Haha, I’m such a Libra… I need everything very balanced, and this scent has balance. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it.


Sometimes I feel like Callum created this scent just for me because he knows how much I love roses. By only making a limited run of 50 bottles, means that at some point it will sell out, it's kind of beautiful that it's here for a moment and then it's gone. Callum is a true artist, he wants this perfume to be a chapter in your life. This is my scent for my summer in London.

London! So exciting… so is this just a chapter or potentially something more permanent?

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this city. I’m obsessed with the British countryside, I went to Bath yesterday and stayed in a cottage surrounded by rose bushes and green paddocks, it was magical. I was wearing this perfume, and I thought – this embodies a moment in time. This is my British chapter.

Do you have a scent that reminds you of your childhood?

The ocean, 100%. I grew up in Perth, Western Australia so we were always by the water, it was the smell of the sea breeze in the hot summer air.

Actually, now I remember, as a child I also had a babysitter who was British and her house had rose gardens in the backyard. We’d sit and have tea parties with Royal Dolton cups and she would dye the sugar blue…. Another example of how roses have always followed me!

Tell us about what the Lucy Folk brand has meant to you over the years...

I love Lucy. She's a friend as well. I've been a fan of her stuff ever since she bought out her first taco bracelet from Melbourne. I’ve had many of her signature pieces of the years, I love all the towelling apparel and the Lalla Pouches are so useful – I use them all the time. Oh, and the boiler suit, that is an all-time favourite. I love that her pieces take you on a journey and everything has a story. It feels like when you have something from Lucy Folk you have something special, that no one else has. I’m a true Lucy Folk fan.


So if this is your summer in London chapter, what’s next?

Well, I’m headed back to the US for work later in the year, then of course back to the Australian summer for Christmas with my family. There’s definitely lots happening so you’ll have to stay tuned….!


Photography: Ezekiel
Queen Mary's Rose Garden, Regent's Park, London


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