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A collection is that is presented in a creative series that features local artists and innovators inherently
connected to the land. From musicians and cooks to visionaries, fungi forager and nostalgic homeowners, each artist's unique contribution adds to the overall community that feeds our creative souls and helps us bloom.

In a current state of play defined by extroversion, the Lucy Folk Still Life AW23 collection takes a step back to present an idea of the past and where we are now. Interpreting fashion as a form of art history, where classicism elevates the mundane in an experiment of silhouette, texture and embellishment.

Folk takes inspiration from the tactile elements she sees every day in her life from food, gems, vessels, textures, and ceramics, even organic materials collected by her son on an early morning walk.  A collection of objects, curated in a way only Lucy Folk can.

Shot by James Tolich in the natural beauty of the hinterlands of Arakwal Country amongst the untamed wild Australian landscape. We acknowledge and celebrate the enduring connections of the Arakwal Country, and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging. 


We are continually grateful for our creative community that fuels our energy and brings joy to our campaigns. Motion bought to life by Kristian Hawker, creative production by Tory Bauer.


Martin Martini wants you to look around, not ahead. Martin’s an expert fungi forager and he teaches the gospel of the mush. He’s cultivated a deep fascination and reverence for mushrooms and the mystery that shrouds them, now guiding others in the fine (and sometimes dangerous) art of mushroom foraging. He shares his wellspring of knowledge around the country on Mushroom Meander - guided fungi treasure hunts for the mycelium-curious.


When the seeker finds a mushroom, like a chanterelle, it irrevocably connects you to the country, Martin believes. You hold these treasured spots in your bones. The feeling. The weather. The trees. The mushroom and the memory become one. Humans as nature — as it should be.



Something’s always cooking when Carter and Jack are around. For Jack, it’s the mixing of chords, riffs, sun and salt-tinged sounds. He’s a musician in The Babe Rainbow, a band whose psychedelic tracks evoke technicolor feelings and Aquarian dreams of a time long gone. Their sounds transport you. Probably to somewhere on a beach in California. Jack’s partner and mother to their two daughters and son is Carter. She’s also a cook, baker and cookbook author. Her approach to food is simple, colourful and delicious, full of hearty goodness and coloured by fresh herbs and vegetables. There’s a good chance you’ve experienced hunger-pangs after perusing her Instagram account @werebros where she shares moments in time from the kitchen, the garden and their life in the hills behind Byron Bay.

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Viridis After life, an anchor to the indestructible bond between generations, a portrait of the power of femininity. In harmony and balance, sculpted stones are stamped in a story of love to lay the foundations of independence and individuality.

Still Life with Watermelon, Irving Penn, 1947
Still Life with fruit, Paul Cezanne, 1888
Chevauchée, Joan Miro, 1969
The Meal, Paul Gauguin, 1891


Caroline and Waangenga Blanco are visionaries. Caroline nurtures humans to live with deeper connection, purpose and freedom. After a 15-year career in the fashion and music industry, it was Vedic meditation that deeply humbled her to the fragility of the human experience. She meets us at a place of inner quiet - beyond our thoughts, emotions, judgements and intellect, guiding us towards clarity, emotional maturity and heightened creativity.


Her husband Waangenga is a creative visionary dancing across multiple shapes of expression. A descendant of the Mer Island people, and of the Pajinka Wik people, Cape York, he is an award-winning, globally touring performing artist, specialising in contemporary dance, choreography and acting. After studying at NAISDA Dance College, he joined Bangarra in 2005 and became a seminal influencer to a new generation of traditionally informed dance.



Without risk of oversimplification, this season is anchored by delicate hand-beading on jackets and vests in symbolic motifs that speak to purification and the relationship between fire and water. Our embellishment is a meticulous art form involving the intricate stitching of tiny glass beads onto the fabric by skilled artisans taking into consideration colour combinations, texture and placement.

Each bead is stitched by hand, requiring patience, precision, and an eye for detail. The result is a one-of-a-kind, where no two jackets or vests are the same, elevating each piece into wearable works of art, capturing the beauty of craftsmanship.


Palisa Anderson is a future-shaper. A first-generation farmer and a second-generation restaurateur, Palisa champions topsoil, seasonal organic produce and sustainability at Boon Luck Farm in the Byron Shire. The regenerative methods used at her farm supply a whole string of bustling Sydney restaurants, with vibrant bounties. Imagine a harvest laden with Thai basil, bayberries, Hawaiian pink guavas and red Panama passionfruit. Focussed on quality, sustainability, authenticity and immunity-boosting ingredients, Palisa is fuelled by the knowing that the well-being of diners, the land and future generations are always considered. Her journey with Boon Luck Farm reimagines a vision of true integration between ethical producers and Australia’s restaurant industry. 


Proportions are elongated making way for outerwear in a rework of the modern trench in a completely new direction for the brand. Fringing adorns the jacket from the sleeves all the way to the back worked in long strips of canvas punctuated with gold hardware. A bold statement piece for a new collection.

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Michele Lockwood and Andrew Kidman’s house feels familiar. It's both homely and nostalgic all rolled into one.


Michele is both a scientist and artist. She grew up in the boroughs of New York and was in Larry Clark’s cult film Kids, alongside Chloe Sevigny. She was part of the X-Girl scene (started by Kim Gordon, and Michelle is the iconic face image) and she’s worked for publishing and fashion houses in New York, LA and Tokyo. Beyond the bright city lights, she always craved nature. September 11th was the catalyst for making the move to Australia. And now her world is a collision of art and helping to guide the conservation of the giant barred frog as an Environmental Scientist.


Andrew Kidman is synonymous with the Australian Cult Surf Scene. He’s also a man with many hyphens - an artist, musician, filmmaker, photographer, and surfboard shaper (to name a few). He is revered for his films Litmus (1996) and limited-edition books. He’s forever making and creating art to bring into the world.

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Millimetres 15.29 15.49 15.9 16.31 16.71 17.53 18.34 18.75 19.15
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