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For centuries the wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck, good health and protection. Each carrying its own symbolism, astrologers long ago attributed supernatural powers to certain gemstones.

Words by Jules Farrari - Jules Farrari is an evolutionary astrologer, who works closely with clients by assisting them to know ones self through the art of astrology. Jules' work will guide ones path both literally and metaphorically and is used to inspire, by re-aligning and
re-affirming a person with their own nature.

"Astrology delves in to our own particular orientation to existence, it speaks to us of our higher nature, our golden nature. It is a symbolic language that talks in archetypes and asks us to grow and evolve during our time here on Earth, it reminds us of our innate self. It is not a belief system, rather, it is a tool and one that can be applied strategically and intelligently to great effect in our lives." - Jules Ferrari.

Jules' readings works to explain the energetic patterns within your chart, what your chart wants of you and what planetary alignments and learning's are coming your way.

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Birthstone: Diamonds are an Aries’ best friend Colours: Fiery hues Elements: Aries is Fire and begins the Zodiacal year. Their desires can consume their entire body and are their north stars. The more an Aries is in charge of its fire and can create a slow burn vs burnouts, the stronger their force. Personality Traits: Aries are dynamic and come to life when a new desire presents itself. Their ability to be direct is refreshing, you always know where you stand with this energy. Aries knows how to get things happening, they know what they want and the warrior in them knows how to go and get it. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): As your sign is the sprinter, the quick-fire initiator, it would be great medicine to single out the Capricorn’s in your life and observe their abilities to play the long game. With a natural sense of time and systems and structures, they can be great role models in turning your fire into sustainable, long-term heat. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Aries begins with the Autumn Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): They are the dawn of the Zodiac, the first light, the first torchlight.


Birthstone: Emerald, the stone dedicated to Taurus’ ruler, Venus Colours: Elements: Taurus is of the Earth and knows how to utilise the material world to create and express beauty. Taurean’s value sustainability and go (and grow) at their own pace, they understand that a seed doesn’t blossom into a flower in one day. Personality Traits: Taurean’s live through their senses, all of which are heightened. Taurus innately knows good food, good sex, good scents, aesthetics etc and this is why their sign is often linked to luxury - they innately know the best of the best. The more this sign is tapped into their own magic, their own worth and value, the safer they feel and the more magnetic they become. Sensual, sustainable, practical, creative…that’s a hot combo. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): There is so much magic for you in your opposing sign of Scorpio. While your sign can find and stay in its comfort zone, the highest expression of Scorpio faces its fears and dives into the unknown, resurfacing with the gold of self knowledge. Scorpio energy will poke at the boundaries of your comfort zone, moving you into more expanded states of self. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Taurus will know how to make any season comfy af. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Night time for their beauty rituals that rival the milk bath queen, Cleopatra.


Birthstone: Pearl, signifying the innocence of your innate questioning mind. Colours: Grey. Gemini lives in the grey, their world is an ever changing intersection of black and white - a million shades of possibilities and perspectives. Elements: Air Max. They live in the mind and the realms of conversations, ideas and data absorption. Heralds. Personality Traits: High level mutability. They can match their body language, parlance, tone of voice and perspectives based on their environment. Chameleons, observers, spies, curious. The more they can apply their quickfire minds to the things that interest them, the more satisfied they’ll be. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Their opposite sign, Sagittarius, is one worth observing. While Gemini takes in data, Sagittarius is an experiential learner and a great influence on this sign. Take your curiosities out into the world, have lived experiences with them and report your findings back to the rest of us. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Like their mutuable partners in crime, Pisces, Gemini can adapt to whatever environment it finds itself in. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Gemini is out there catching all the information worms and having all the downloads from the crack of dawn.


Birthstone: Ruby’s soothe their sensitive hearts. Colours: Silver moonlight Elements: Water. Cancer is our inner world, our emotional realm. Cancer’s are trained early on how to read the emotions and energy of a room and they innately know how to nurture their environments. When a Cancerian gets great at reading and nurturing themselves, they gain access to a whole new level of their lives. Personality Traits: Nurturing, sensitive, loving and kind. The crab wears a defensive armour for protection, when a Cancerian feels attacked or unsafe, they will retreat into their shell. This sign represents the maternal archetype and our inner child. The more we can parent our emotions, the safer it feels to be. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Whatever signs you bring into your world, you’ll want to ensure that you feel safe and secure around them, that will help you to bring out more of your magic. Water and Earth are natural elemental allies but anyone who values your emotional intelligence will be a winner. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Cancer season begins on our Winter Solstice and is the hearth and heart of their home. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Dinner time, surrounded by their kin.


Birthstone: Peridot to strengthen your energy bodies and vitality Colours: Gold, golden and all the colours of the spotlight, baby. Elements: Leo is fire and ruled by the Sun no less. This sign is about all this self expression and creativity, it is the creative life force that wants to be expressed through your unique individual frequency. Personality Traits: The Lion is regal, a leader. The journey to claim your crown is in building your own throne and kingdom. Your sign desires to leave your stamp on the world and in your quest to the kingdom, you are offered many opportunities to develop and strengthen your courage and confidence to be who you innately are and express your personality out in your world. Leo’s aren’t born dancing on tables and not all of you want that. But you do want to be seen for who you are and that takes strength and self discovery. And makes you the Lion. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Your opposite sign of Aquarius is a great one for you to observe, Aquarian’s are often pretty genius as self-validating. They are who they are and that’s that. You are naturally aware of how you resonate amongst your audience and this can naturally lead to you seeking external validation. Hang out with the Aquarian’s in your life, their strong individuality and self-validation will be great for your magic sign. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): All of the sunny days in the year. Heliotherapy is your friend. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): When the sky is at its most golden.


Birthstone: Mystical Sapphire Colours: Virginal white for its cleanliness, purity and innocence. Elements: As the Earth version of Mercury, Virgo is analysis and detail and purification. Way more grounded than your Mercury twin Gemini, you can hold your intel and want to use it out in the world. Personality Traits: Your mind is magic and discerning, you can clean and streamline and purify all that you touch. A clean room is a clean mind for your sign and the whole to-do list thing? It’s a helpful tool for organising both your internal and external worlds. Virgo’s know their potential and can see it clearly in others as well. The more you can be in the doing and taking action, the less time you may spend in analysis paralysis and perfection. Your capacity to create daily routines is the practical magic that leads you to the top of your mountains. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Pisces, your opposite, offers you the sacred magic of being here in the infinite now. Sometimes your sign can be so geared towards motoring ahead to its future ideal state that it forgets the perfection of the now. Pisces can offer you this magic sauce. You are on your journey, you can enjoy the day to day while also keeping an eye on your future self-actualised self. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Your sign is mutable, you are made for the periods of seasonal change and shapeshifting. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Early morning when everything is fresh and clear and the days hold a clean slate of potential.


Birthstone: Opal Colours: The most aesthetic ones. Elements: Libra is the air version of Venus and brings beauty and refinement to the mind. This is the land of taste and culture, the soul of a Libran is harmonised by beauty. Personality Traits: Libra is the first sign in the Zodiac that is aware of other people and as such, this energy is brilliant at creating social harmony. Grace, manners, chit chat, these babes know how to put people at ease and make them feel good. This sign loves cultural stimulation. They don’t just love a piece of clothing, they know the house and designer who made it. They don’t just like the pretty picture, they know the artist that produced it and the movement they are associated with. This is the sign of the aesthetic, where beauty is a tonic from the gods. Plato theorised that Venus’ beauty transcended the minds of all who looked upon her into the spiritual realms. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Aries, your opposite, is a healing balm and a teacher for your sign. Why? Aries knows what their desires are, they know their wants and needs. Sometimes your sign can be more attuned to the wants and needs of others than your own. Aries is a great teacher here, showing you that it is safe to know what you want and to channel your energy into getting it. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Everyone looks hotter in (tailored) Winter clothing. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Wherever you go, you’ll be keenly aware of the lighting. The sexier the better.


Birthstone: Citrine, bringing sunshine to your inner quests. Colours: The colours of red velvet and Leopard print. You get the vibe. Elements: Scorpio is deep water, ruled by the powerful force of Pluto. Personality Traits: Intense. Sexually magnetic. Not into small talk. Space holders, psychologically aware. All the pop astrology stuff rings true. Scorpio is a sign that learns early on that people lie, that what someone says can often be different to what the persons emotions or energy are communicating. Scorpio is keenly aware of this. Yes, they are seizing you up, yes, they can (and may well) use all the data they collect against you. Scorpio is on a journey towards intimacy, but they are scorpions, they are keen defenders of their territory and only allow in the people who pass their numerous tests. They need deep trust to unfurl. The more they come to know themselves and hold space for the good, the bad and the ugly, the more they transcend their desire for safety through control. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Earth signs are good anchor points for Scorpio. Practical, reliable, no sudden moves. They’ll be drawn to anyone who can hold space for them, as it would be a rarity and thus, intriguing. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, is related to inner transformations - represented by the season of Winter, when energy withdraws into the internal. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Candlelight for the moodiness.


Birthstone: Turquoise, ofcourse Colours: All the colours of the open highway in the afternoon with a vast vista ahead of you. Elements: Fire all the way, burning to exist, burning through existence. Personality Traits: The seeker, the student/teacher, the experiential learner. Sagittarian’s are here on a big mission, they seek to understand their existence and they learn through being on the frontline of their own lives, experiencing, learning, digesting their intel into their own knowledge base. Sagittarian’s are desirous of freedom, new adventures (intellectually and physically) and for life to hold meaning and depth. Sag is a sign that questions reality and asks what lies beyond the boundaries of our universe(s), from childhood. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Air signs for the chat. Other Sagittarians to argue points over. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Whatever’s happening in the opposite Hemisphere, that’s where I wanna be. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Learning about new and foreign constellations and their mythologies under desert skies, by campfire.


Birthstone: Garnet for passion and protection. Colours: The colours of all the Mountains you wish to create, ascend and claim as your own. Elements: Here the Earth element meets Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, a formidable duo. You can cast out your visions, attune yourself to your intentions and play the long game, with patience. Strong. Personality Traits: You’re the fine wine of the Zodiac, each year brings more comfortability in your skin and more clarity towards your ambitions. Direction is important for this sign. You are the Mountain Goat, here to climb. Part of your journey is exploring your relationship to authority and success, the more you become your own authority and define what success means to you, the happier and freer you will be. You are your own architect. Capricorn energy desires to have its roles out in the world, be they relational or the one’s you hold in society. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Your opposite sign of Cancer is a healing balm for your sign and this opposition is referred to as the foundational axis in astrology. Cancer is your inner world, your emotional world. The more you nurture the seedlings here and keep your cup full, the further you can grow within your public roles (Capricorn territory). Self-nurturance is medicine for your signs stoic tendencies. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Your sign starts at Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere), you’re here for the light. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Negroni time, celebrating your inner and outer world wins.


Birthstone: Amethysts are your mineral mates. Colours: Lightning, burning mercury. Elements: Air, the aethers, the thought planes. Aquarius was the cup bearer of higher consciousness. And the most handsome man on Earth before Zeus rode in and kidnapped him to Mount Olympus. Personality Traits: Electric, eclectic, eccentric. Your ruler, Uranus, is a psychic antennae into the collective super hwy of ideas, intel moves like lightning through your nervous system and its important that you learn how to ground the lightning and become a conduit for the ideas and perceptions that you're attuned to picking up. Your sign has the capacity to be objective, an outsider even. This is in part because you have the capacity to view life and society and civilization from new perspectives, as if you were an eagle soaring above, taking topographical maps of the terrain. Up here you can draw through lines and see patterns that arent accessible on the ground. You can ride the first wave of new energies. You can ground them into the Earthly plane. Like you’re from the future but in the here and now. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): Leo is your opposite and as an archetype it holds magic for you. Your sign lives in the mind, Leo in the heart. If you can learn to balance head with heart and share your creativity (Leo) with the rest of us, we’ll be flying around on solar powered hovercrafts in no time. Weather/Seasonality (High Summer vs. Depth of Winter etc): Summer Sun, when the light codes are at their most potent. Time/Day (Night Time vs. Morning Light): Any day you are on a solo mission in a city, watching the masses take part in their daily rituals, you, the observer.


Birthstone: Aquamarine, fitting as your ruled by the sea god, Neptune Colours: Pisces dreams in all colours, Pisces IS colour Element: Pisces is mutable water, meaning that their energy and emotions are highly receptive and adaptable. This is an archetype that can take any form and fill any space. Personality Traits: the chameleon, the creative, the mystic, the daydream believer. Pisces have visions, they can create (and live in) their own worlds. They are a single drop in the ocean that can feel the entire ocean at the same time. Singular yet tapped into the collective emotional temperature. They are tapped into everything beyond time and space and yet here they are, in time and space - this is the journey and the sometime challenge of Pisces, to be here now. Astro Match (Love & Friendship): make friends with Earth signs, Earth is your elemental medicine. Watch them, observe their grounded energy, their practicality. The more you are tethered here, in your body, in the present time, the more you can be the conduit and bring your visions into 3D reality. Share your magic with us, our planet needs your stardust and gold. Weather/Seasonality: Rainy outside, cosy inside. Time/Day: whether it is day or night, the Pisces in your life is likely lucid dreaming in their own world(s).

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