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Women in Craft

As a female-founded business, this year, in celebration of  International Women’s Day, Lucy sat down with Heidi Middleton, mother, artist, founder of Art Club and co-collaborator at our new concept store AIR to talk about what it means to be a woman this day and age.

As a further celebration a percentage of all sales made today will go to another female-founded business close to Lucy Folk, The Social Studio—a not-for-profit social enterprise working alongside refugee and migrant creatives in fashion, design and the arts. The Social Studio is on a mission to provide a safe space of belonging as well as meaningful pathways into work for those from newly arrived communities.

You are an iconic figure in fashion in Australia but remain so humble and grounded. What is your secret to keeping this balance?

Very kind and thank you! I was fortunate to be raised by two loving & wonderful humans who emphasised the importance of some key life values.

We were taught from a young age to live with compassion, to work hard and to feel grateful for what we had. My childhood was immersed in nature and creativity which was also a great balancer in those formative years.

What are some rituals you follow to keep your body and soul healthy?

- Soft sand runs (without airpods)

- Plant Based diet

- Loving

- Laughter

- Time in nature (Best balancer) I hug a huge rock at the end of my beach runs and give thanks to it's beauty, wisdom and inspiration

- Creativity

- Bed chats with my daughters

Aging gracefully is something I am excited to embrace. How do you feel about it and what do you have in your bag of tricks?

I truly believe that so much of beauty lies in the who you are and the way you move with the world. Treating others with kindness, remaining curious and enthusiastic about the planet we live on and keeping an open and honest heart would be some of my tricks. Grace and beauty emanate from within!

Who are your favourite women and why? 

My Mum: She has shown me that kindness is the most underrated virtue of all.

Daughters: My girls are my greatest creations. I learn from them daily and am very proud of who they are. It’s been an honour to mother them.

My Closest Female Friends: They personify the best qualities of real friendship and have been steadfast through the highs and lows of life.

Environmentalist, Jane Goodall: Her unwavering commitment to the natural and animal world is a power and an inspiration that the world needs more of.

Princess Diana: For her altruistic and generous heart, her ability to show vulnerability and her strength in adversity.

Rosa Parks: For her strength, courage, grace and determination in the face of extreme racism in America in the 1950’s.

You have raised two beautiful girls. What do you think they love the most about you?

I am lucky to share a very close connection with my daughters. They often say that they love that we can talk about anything. There are no real topics that are off-bounds. I think they know my reactions will not be judgmental but rather will come from a place of care and love. Some will say that you can’t be best friends with your children, but I debate that. Every age has its special moments but I’m particularly enjoying this age of my girls turning into young women. They are great company and we keep things light. Humour and creativity are woven closely to our bond. 


As a mother, artist, and woman, what are some of the key lessons you’ve learned that you wish to bestow on other women?   

 I never thought about choosing between a career in the arts and motherhood. From a young age, I knew I wanted children and equally I had such a strong yearning and love of creating that it felt natural to follow this path. There is an art to balance a family life with a creative life but it’s absolutely possible. And what could be better than immersing your children to the colour and depth of the artistic world. I took my children to every international fashion week when we would show in NYC and London. They were raised as global citizens and had an appreciation and awareness of different cultures and their people. 


Tell us all about Art Club for those who don’t know.

ARTCLUB was born after a four-year hiatus that I had in France. We moved to Paris as a family in 2013 after 15 years at sass & bide. I took a studio in Clignancourt and started painting, making collage, sculpture and photography.  It was then that I was able to reflect on how I wanted to create again. I yearned to design clothes again but didn't want to choose fashion over art or vice versa. I also knew that I wanted to create a new realm. There was nothing about the traditional business model that appealed to me and it felt out of date, irrelevant and unsustainable from both a humanitarian and environmental aspect. 

ARTCLUB was born as I returned to Australia and almost every element of the business was new and different. I chose to relinquish seasons and collections and create styles via an ongoing rolling system. Styles would be released in small quantities as I imagined them. Every item is signed and numbered by its maker, honouring the hands that created them. We chose to support local industry and make it within a 10km radius of the studio. We chose not to partake in fashion shows and to self-market via our online digital platforms. We decided to use 90% remnant fabric and when not remnant we would choose organic natural fibres. I wanted to focus on the creative process rather than building a large-scale enterprise.

ARTCLUB is smaller in scale but far more satisfying. Life is short so it feels good to have followed intuition and shifted the direction of how I create.  

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