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A Mother's Ritual: Julia Ashwood

In the serene backdrop of Byron Bay, we sat down with mother, creative and hotelier Julia Ashwood to discuss motherhood and all the rituals that imbue it. From the tranquil embrace of the ocean at dawn, to running multiple businesses and nurturing a family, Julia seamlessly weaves it all together to craft a life of rich fulfilment.

You live in a particularly beautiful part of the world, how has your natural environment shaped your daily rituals?

Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers aka 'The Rainbow Region' is a stunning place to grow up and return to. The natural beauty, the creative people, the food… everyday feels special and I feel lucky to have been raised here and now raise our family here.

Do you have a morning ritual that helps you start your day?

The ocean is my temple, my church! 

I love the perspective it brings and how re-energised you can feel from dipping into the sea and feeling the warmth of a new day's sun on your skin.

It’s also a lovely spot to meditate and take a moment to unwind and then let your thoughts run free before the day spirals in.

There are a never-ending amount of amazing things you are doing in your career, what is your current focus, and how did you get here?

I love looking at the backgrounds and roads which flow through people’s careers to lead them to certain points - I find it very interesting how it can shape a person's path. 

For me I always loved the creative side of the brain! Writing, dance, drama, art were my greatest interests at school ~ I went on to study a Bachelor of Communications at University then landed in television, fashion marketing, advertising, dappled in NYC hospo, events, and interiors... 

A common thread though it all was travel. Hence launching a travel blog 15 years ago called ‘The Vista’. Coming full circle my husband Matty and I co-own a collective of pubs and restaurants (The Eltham Pub, Ciao Mate, You Beauty) ~ however my true focus along with my business partner Jamie Blakey is Sun Ranch.  

You recently opened The Sun Ranch, a boutique hotel in the Northern Rivers. Has it always been a dream to become a hotelier?

You know what, if I’m honest - it really has. I was certainly a gypsy in my 20/30’s, once having children and businesses which held us in one space ~ destination led travel and design hotels became a focus. I freelanced in other projects before partnering with a fantastic group of friends and creatives to launch Sun Ranch in the Byron hinterland just 6mths ago. 

It’s a retreat in nature, on a working farm, a place to escape with colleagues, lovers, friends or family and explore this beautiful area. It's private and indulgent yet laid back and refreshing all in one. We've been likened to some of my favourite hotels from Ibiza, Ojai and Oxfordshire. Aesthetically it's a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll, imagine a ranch in the Hollywood hills in the 1970'’s a whole lot of fun!

Has this latest venture taught you any new lessons? 

Oh too many to count, I’m learning everyday. It’s a 360 role owning your own business, and my partner and I tend to leave no stone unturned. There’s a fantastic energy on the ranch and I believe in the law of attraction, that what you're putting out there you'll get back! Our staff and our guests are wonderful!

How has being a mother changed you, your life and career?

It has most certainly made me a more efficient person. Both of my kids are now at school and as all the parents out there would know you realistically have from 9am till 3pm to be a powerhouse! Otherwise, I'm working in bed from 8pm to midnight which normally is the case with me too! 

There’s also constant reminders to put your phone down and focus on those little people because it all moves so quickly… And one day we won’t hear those little voices that say “play with me” or “pick me up”. Balance is key with all things. They test me and remind me of this everyday. 

What are some rituals that your children have taught you?

We hear it a lot, but 'Play' is a significant ritual that we big people tend to forget! Playing and getting on their level - expressing ourselves, dancing in the kitchen, cartwheels on the beach, making art. It feels good to connect with them as another child would as much as possible ~ breaking the routine and getting the silly’s feels so good! 

How do you keep creatively inspired?  

Travel! Yet also connecting and collaborating with other creatives both near and far. These days with so much accessibility to visuals via Instagram, Pinterest, movies, books, magazines and other publications it’s hard to remain individual and create the unexpected, yet so rewarding to push the boundaries. 

What is your idea of happiness? 

Happy kids, happy Mum! That makes my heart glow brighter than anything. 

The best motherly advice ever received from another woman?

I always say that if I’m half as good a mother as my mum then I'm doing well… I’d like to say that I learnt from the best! 

You truly have to follow your own gut feelings and intuition when you’re a parent, as every child is so unique. 

I’m sure Mia Taninaka said some great things to me in the first few months of parenting, however you tend to lose your memory in a sea of sleepless nights, burnt toast and cold coffee in those first stages (as equally mad and beautiful as they are!). 


Do you have any rituals that you follow when getting dressed in the morning?

I definitely (whether this be subconsciously or not) dress to my mood ~ If I'm feeling flat I will probably end up wearing yellow or shades of red or earthy pinks simply because I need a bit of energy and a lift. You will rarely catch me in black. 

What is on your Lucy Folk Wishlist?

Love the silk suits, all the stone encrusted jewels ~ it’s all delicious!

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