Cartouche Bracelet

$4,850.00 AUD
  • Description

    What's in a name? Lucy Folk's Cartouche Bracelet is an opulent offering to the queens and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Available in 18kt yellow gold, this handmade bracelet features a pendant reminiscent of the tablets inscribed with the names of Egyptian royalty. Embellished with two white diamonds, adorn yourself with this beauty and attain the elegant attributes of a ruler from the ancient world.

  • Details
    • Handmade in 18kt Yellow Gold
    • 18kt Yellow Gold Pendant w/ 1 x 0.10ct Princess Cut White Diamond, 1 x 0.10ct Marquise White Diamond
    • Pendant measures 4.5cm in length and 1.08cm in width.
    • Weighs 9.8g
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  • Material

    Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold
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