Balearic Bracelet - 18kt Yellow Gold

$1,800.00 AUD
  • Description

    Lucy Folk's Balearic Bracelet is a balance between exuberance and grandeur. Fashioned around spiraling titanium, a series of 18kt yellow gold beads twist and wind. Finished off with two Akoya pearls, this ornate bracelet, worn tight around the wrist, contrasts fine detailing with directional lines, making for an irresistible charm.

  • Details
    • Handmade in 18kt Yellow Gold and Titanium
    • Features 2 x Akoya Pearls (7.5 - 8mm)
    • Measures 2.9mm in height, 2.9mm in width and 50mm in length
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  • Material

    Pearls , Yellow Gold

Pearls , Yellow Gold
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