2kg Dumbbell Ring - 18kt Yellow Gold

$2,250.00 AUD
  • Description

    Weightlifter or not, Lucy Folk's 2kg Dumbbell Ring certainly packs a whole lot of punch. Fashioned around the classic dumbbell used in weight training, this handmade ring boasts 30 white diamonds set in a selection of 18kt metals. Worn alone to sparkle in its own light, or paired with another version of the same ring (the 1kg and/or 3kg), the look is feminine with a dose of extra kick

  • Details
    • Handmade in 18kt Yellow Gold
    • Features 30 x White Gold Diamonds (0.02ct)
    • Dumbells 5.6mm in Length
    • Available in size K, M and O
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  • Material

    Precious Stones , Yellow Gold

Precious Stones , Yellow Gold
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