Travel Guide | Tasmania

To discover Tassie like a local, we caught up with Sarah Glover ... She shares her top tips when visiting Tasmania and the surrounding areas.

Breakfast - Small Fry

Best market - Farmgate markets

Day trip - I love going to eagle hawk neck, getting coffee from Cubes Espresso, walking into Shipsterns Bluff at Cape Roule and eating fish and chips at Dunalley Fish Markets.

Walk - Wine Glass Bay, or Cape Roule

Gallery - MONA

Restaurant - Fico Bistro & Vino

Pub - Tommy Mchugo

Bakery - Pigeon Whole Bakers

Hotel - MaCq one

Stay – Satellite Island, Captains Rest, or Tin Lantern IN

Relax - Go sit on a beach and have a picnic

Must do - Go for a drive and explore all the walks and nature

Go vintage shopping at Kookaburra in Salamanca