Atelier Tour

Taking from the age-old artisan techniques and the local Moroccan sartorial know-how, Folk has re-worked traditional silhouettes and applied contemporary style motifs that are perfect for resort wear.

By working with specialists in their trade, Folk has embraced the unique processes of warping, twilling and weaving materials, as well as colouring and dying threads, and designed each piece from start to finish.

Collaborating on the collection with Randall Bachner, an American photographer who left NYC to explore the vibrant artisan neighbourhoods of Marrakech, Folk has allowed her apparel offering to mix old-world charm with modern-day styling.

Randall is committed to supporting responsible manufacturing via sustainable, low impact production methods. He describes his atelier in Marrakech as a community rather than a factory. Visitors to the Atelier can experience the family feel whilst viewing the whole process from textile creation to finished design.