The worship of the sun takes forms both felt and seen. A deity with many faces, and one whose cyclic nature both takes and gives; a place where beginnings and ends meet with open hands. Ever-present and vital in nature, health, food, and play, the sun is a god to be harnessed and adored.

In the ancient Mayan culture of Aztec Mexica, it is believed that there have been five different suns created by five different gods. The first sun rose to the sky by the gentle hands of the earth god Tezcatlipoca, and its symbol the jaguar. The second, Quetzalcoatl, carried the wind and gave it to the sun. Tlaloc, the god of fire and the third to arrive at the festivities, gifted a robe of flames. The fourth, Chalchiuhtlicue, brought water to cool and combine the elements at this cosmic gathering. Each of these four suns, created by four elemental gods and joined to form one. This was until two other gods, Nanahuatzin and Tecucistecatl, set the fifth sun’s divine festivities alight, splitting the sun into two and creating the gleaming moon; taking its glow from day into night. A skyward sight to bring awe at all hours.

SUN WORSHIP is an offering of devotion to the sun and all that it has inspired, from the Mayan sundial, the Piedra del sol, to the bright colours of Luis Barragan’s architecture. Organic curves, free flowing shapes, spirited gemstones, and freshwater pearls; colours of fiery red, turmeric and yellow. An elemental palette to draw ceremony to the sun, and ask for its good fortune to shine on all those adorned in its golden likeness.

So like the playful gods, so creative in their festivities, we call your inner nomad to dance your way towards the sun.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk

Photographer - Amanda Charchian

Graphic Designer - Gemma Leslie

Stylist - Djuna Bel Rowe

Communications Manager - Julia Chalmers

Producer - Lucy Folk

Copywriter - Jerome Williams

Location - Flamingo Estate

Make Up - Sandy Ganzer

Hair - Terri Walker

Model - Lera Pentelute & Joffrey Cauchy

Special thanks to Xana, Ed, Chessy, Jeff, Richard, Ella.