Sun Signs By Jules Ferrari

Jules Ferrari, an evolutionary Astrologer and a mother to be, works closely with clients by assisting them to know one’s self through the art of astrology. Jules' work will guide one’s path both literally and metaphorically and is used to inspire, by re-aligning and re-affirming a person with their own nature.

"Astrology delves in to our own particular orientation to existence, it speaks to us of our higher nature, our golden nature. It is a symbolic language that talks in archetypes and asks us to grow and evolve during our time here on Earth; it reminds us of our innate self. It is not a belief system, rather, it is a tool and one that can be applied strategically and intelligently to great effect in our lives.” - Jules Ferrari. 

Jules’ readings works to explain the energetic patterns within your chart, what your chart wants of you and what planetary alignments and learning's are coming your way. Jules is available by appointments through Skype & in person at Orchard St.


Sign: ARIES – Primal Force

Dates: March 21 – April 20

Element: Fire

Ruler: Mars

Birthstone: Diamond

Personality traits: The Aries spirit burns within a primal cauldron of action. Self-directed and filled with energy, this sign is the initiator of the Zodiac; keen to get things moving and coming to life when a new desire takes hold that burns and consumes them until the desire has been made their own.

Independent by nature, Aries knows what it wants and what it needs, making it a force to be reckoned with. Lead by its primal instinct, this energy doesn’t follow rules or trends; it likes what it likes and it wants what it wants as if lit from within by an internal beacon, its fiery spirit.

The warrior instinct is strong in this sign and when adorning the self, the Aries woman will do so to suit her own mood and tastes, no one else’s. When it comes to travel, Aries energy benefits from journey’s of their own devising, behind the wheel exploring new terrains rather than long stays because once satiated, Aries wants to move on to the next adventure. Easily bored but never boring.

Travel: Multi-stop road trips where new worlds can be devoured before moving to the next locale.

Fashion: Dresses for the feeling of the day, or wears many dresses throughout the day.

Artist / Author: Jackson Pollack - fast moving, instinctual and direct. The build up is strong, the delivery is swift.

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Sign: TAURUS – The Sensualist

Dates: April 21 – May 21

Element: Earth

Ruler: Venus

Birthstone: Emerald

Personality traits: Ruled by the Earth version of Venus, Taurean’s are natural sensualists, never more satisfied than when ensconced within a sensory experience; be it a ritual bath, a gourmet meal or a slow burn seduction, this sign utilises the material plane to both express and experience beauty and is incredibly tactile. This sign would be a full-on hedonist if it wasn’t also resolutely practical.

The journey of Taurean energy is to develop a strong sense of security within one’s own self and one of the best ways it can do this is through adopting Venusian rituals of self-care, anything that allows an individual to sink in to their own unique flavour and enjoy the experience of being exactly who they are.

Think Cleopatra-level ritual…the milk baths, the oils but more importantly, the steadfastness that she held in her own worth and value amongst some of the strongest rulers (and that murderous family of hers) of history – both of whom she seduced with her strong magnetism.

Taurus is the force of femininity, the more you feel and know your own light and develop that deep anchor in to your own sense of self, the more it can shine out like a magnetic beacon.

Travel – Whatever it is, it’s luxe and planned well in advance.

Fashion – Silks and cashmere; the sensation of the piece is as important as the look of it.

Artist/Author: Anais Nin with all that sensual chat and deep enjoyment in adorning the self. An incredible writer in her own right, she was also muse too many of the greatest minds and artists of her time.

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Sign: GEMINI – The Chameleon

Dates: May 22 – June 21

Element: Air

Ruler: Mercury

Birthstone: Pearl

Personality traits: Gemini’s are the spies of the Zodiac, taking in more data than any other sign and mapping the contents of every room they walk in to. Not only do they listen to the words you say, they take in your facial expressions, intonations, body language and your vibe.

Ruled by the air version of Mercury, they often retain a youthful spirit throughout their lives and can play the role of trickster – humour, lightness and high-level malleability mean they can be chameleons and adapt to any group or person, picking up the language of the social setting with ease.

Spritely and innately curious, they need variety; variety of setting, variety of company and variety of influences…aesthetically, this sign can take on any form and is quick to change if something more interesting comes along, which it inevitably does, because Gemini is always on the lookout.

As the first sign to experience duality, Gemini can see all sides of every coin and the greener pastures that lay over there and over there and over there, too. While mentally agile, they also rely on logic and facts and retain a large baseline of words and general knowledge. For Gemini, life is a giant smorgasbord and everything must be tasted.

Travel: Manhattan and its sensory overload of electric buzz fuels the curiosity of this sprite with as many delights available as there are streets to walk down.

Fashion: Aesthetically, I always think of Diane Keaton; youthful, androgynous and dressed like a paperboy at a 1970s newspaper. Not that this energy would ever want to be contained in a box, it will run far and wide if it feels restricted.

Artist/Author: Conceptual art – ideas but make it art and if you can throw in some humour, you’ll have their attention. Think Marcel Duchamp and John Baldessari.

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Sign: CANCER – The Intuitive

Dates: June 22 – July 23

Element: Water

Ruler: Moon

Birthstone: Ruby

Personality traits: The intuitive Cancer lives within the world of feelings, intuition, memory and family lineage. Cancer represents the deepest inner parts of ourselves as well as the physical sanctuary we build around us. This energy is who we are when nobody else is looking.

Cancerian’s can walk in to any room and read the emotional temperature within .5 of a second, the result determining whether they will reveal their personality or stay behind the crab’s shell. Their vulnerability is a gift that they only bestow amongst their closest intimates.

They don’t just live in the realm of feelings though, this sign has a tonne of energy to get things moving in the world and the more they can tap in to their inbuilt relationship to the forces of the Moon, the more they can be guided by their own intuitive compass in life.

Travel: Wherever it is they roam, preferably close to a water source, their hotel room(s) needs to be a sanctuary for them to retreat back to at the end of the day.

Fashion: Intuitive and feelings based, preferring comfort and cosiness over structured tailoring and 7 inch stilettos.

Artist / Author: Marcel Proust, his natal chart was very strong in Cancerian and 4th House energy and he played out the themes perfectly; he lived in his childhood home his whole life and wrote extensively of his Mother and childhood memories in the literary classic, In Search of Lost Time.

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Sign: LEO – Radiating Individuals

Dates: July 24 – August 23

Element: Fire

Ruler: The Sun

Birthstone: Peridot

Personality traits: Ruled by the Sun, this sign walks around with a veritable spotlight following their every move. Their magic is simple, the more they allow themselves to be exactly who they are – no apologies – the brighter their light shines and the more people and opportunities become attracted to them.

This sign is everything to do with expressing their individual flavour out in to their sphere and they operate with an innate desire to leave their unique stamp and way of doing things on the world.

Which isn’t to say that every Leo is an all-singing, all-dancing entity, not at all. Their journey is around developing their confidence in self-expression, in being exactly who they are and being seen as that person (under that constant solar spotlight), it’s no small task.

You can always tell a healthy Leo because they revel in the fun and the joy of existing, people with strong Leo flavours know exactly how to get loose on the dance floor and their spirit is contagious.

Travel: Anywhere that the Vitamin D and good times are on tap - North of Ibiza and the Greek Islands.

Fashion: Whatever it is, it’s worn with confidence. This energy revels in being singular and embracing the uniqueness of self.

Artist / Author: Salvador Dali; he would never have desired to be anyone other than exactly who he was and he took pride in amping up who he was to its maximum possible setting, all the while disseminating the self and expressing his frequency within his art.

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Sign: VIRGO – The Meticulous Self

Dates: August 24 – September 23

Element: Earth

Ruler: Mercury

Birthstone: Sapphire

Personality traits: The meticulous and highly analytical Virgo wants nothing less than purity and perfection, of themselves and everyone around them. This is a sign that is driven towards using their natural talents and abilities in their work and service, they are driven to accomplish and self-actualise through their work.

Innately aware of their own health and wellbeing, the Virgo works on themselves in all areas yet always remains aware of how much more work they think they have left to do, this is the perfectionist. The more they have something to focus on outside of themselves, the more satisfied the individual.

This energy is born to achieve and that inner voice is always driving them towards higher and higher possibilities of being. This isn’t a sign that will sit on their hands and watch the world go by, they utilise all the Virgo cliché’s of routines, lists and detailed organisation to automate the menial tasks so that they can stay focussed on the big game.

Travel: When travelling, the Virgo has packed and re-packed in advance and they have a printed itinerary in their passport wallet.

Fashion: You better believe that the hair clips reference the earrings, the shoes, the handbag and the goddamn eye shadow. No stone left unturned.

Artist / Author: Yayoi Kasuma for two reasons, firstly, she has lived her work for decades, utilising her skills and talents out in the world and her work routine is exactly that, a daily work routine. Secondly, one of those skills is her Virgo-esque leaning towards OCD.

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Sign: LIBRA – The Mirror

Dates: September 24 – October 23

Element: Air

Ruler: Venus

Birthstone: Opal

Personality traits: Libra is the first sign in the Zodiac that takes in to account other people and as the air version of Venus, Libran’s know how to harmonise within a social situation, to keep the peace and utilise all the social graces at their disposal to ensure the smooth running of any encounter.

Their minds are erudite and refined and they sharpen their awareness of self through their interaction with others, this energy develops through seeing itself in other people’s eyes, making them social creatures by nature, not lone wolves.

Social disharmony plays on their mind and the best way for a Libran to self-soothe is by indulging their refined sense of aesthetics, engulfing themselves in creations that harmonise the soul. This sign has taste and enjoys expressing the self visually.

Travel: Anywhere that the culture is ripe with aesthetic wonders aka Italy for its galleries, music, food, architecture and wine.

Fashion: Harmony is key, colour blocking and refined sensuality.

Artist / Author: James Turrell and Donald Judd – two artists that bring high aesthetic states of harmony in to creation and allow you to experience the sublime.

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Sign: SCORPIO – Dark Charisma

Dates: October 24 – November 22

Element: Water

Ruler: Pluto

Birthstone: Citrine

Personality traits: Scorpios are hardcore, whatever face they present to the world (that is our Ascendant sign, not our Sun sign) their inner world is Hard. Core.

They navigate the world through a very deep emotional, energetic and psychological understanding of the self and other people, often able to see a persons motivations a mile off. Ruled by Pluto, this energy often moves through death and rebirth cycles of the self, each time mapping the terrain of their own depths. This is no surface dweller and polite chat about the weather just won’t cut it here.

A Scorpio’s power and magnetism comes from their innate intensity and fearlessness in the face of anything taboo – this is the sign of sexual magnetism and charm, if they know who they are, then their power or force will be strong and alluring, without them having to say a word, its felt.

Travel: Varanasi, India – this sign gravitates towards deep experiences of self and others, where else but Varanasi then, where the energy is pulsing and ancient and life and death both have a place out in the open.

Fashion: The 1995 Fall Gucci campaign for starters; smokey eyes, velvet and silk.

Artist / Author: Marina Abramovic, exploring everything taboo, including deep intimacy with self and others through her eye gazing piece or testing the depths of her own psychological strength in her long form performance pieces, this woman is not afraid of exploring the shadow self.

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Sign: SAGITTARIUS – The Seeker

Dates: November 23 – December 21

Element: Fire

Ruler: Jupiter

Birthstone: Turquoise

Personality traits: Sagittarian’s need meaning within their lives, this energy is the opposite of information for the sake of it, Sag wants to take that information and have a lived experience with it, turning it in to knowledge.

The eternal experiential learner and student of life, they may oscillate between periods of total optimism and faith in existence through to periods of nihilism and existential crises, either way, they are searching to understand the higher questions of life, to see how people have applied meaning to their lives through different cultures, religions, philosophies…and with each learning experience, they build their own belief system and meaning of existence.

They need freedom, freedom to explore, to adventure, to go searching for their own Holy Grail, which they end up building themselves through all of their experiences.

When unbridled, they devour life and all of her experiences, this is the sign that will get to old age and know that they exhausted every possibility, satisfied in the life they have played out.

Travel: All of it. Anywhere that they can feel alien, soak in the differences and feel alive through learning new ways of being and new ways of seeing.

Fashion: Artisanal pieces collected from their travels far and wide.

Artist / Author: Ernest Hemingway, never one to stay in one place too long, this adventurer roamed far and wide to taste the broad spectrum of life experiences on offer, everything from war to African safaris, deep see fishing and Paris in the 20s. Living on the front line of experience, like all good Sagittarian energy seeks to do.

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Sign: CAPRICORN – The Boss

Dates: December 22 – January 20

Element: Earth

Ruler: Saturn

Birthstone: Garnet

Personality traits: Ruled by Saturn and embedded within the Earth element, Capricorn’s contemplate and work towards developing their concrete role out in the world, whatever it may be.

This energy understands the long game and mastery of self and craft over time. While Aries may be the sprinter of the Zodiac, Capricorn is the marathon runner – seeing their mountain of goals in the distance yet understanding that daily diligence and structure will get them all they desire.

Their world reflects back to them their refined nature; whatever they do they do with earned aplomb and they strive to develop and maintain integrity. This isn’t a sign that is in to ‘hacking’ new tasks, Saturn energy imbues this sign with the materials to build strong foundations in all that they do, allowing them to build over and stand the test of time.

This energy knows how to take an idea and bring it in to 3D, it’s not magic, its practical intelligence, a quality that Capricorn’s make sexy.

Travel: First class on the Orient Express, the journey has structure, grace and comfort.

Fashion: Investment pieces of high quality. Practical, tailored and beautifully crafted.

Artist / Author: Joan Didion - precise, elegant, poised and razor sharp in her prose, which only comes through routine application.

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Sign: AQUARIUS – Alien Force

Dates: January 21 – February 19

Element: Air

Ruler: Uranus

Birthstone: Amethyst

Personality traits: Strong Aquarian’s are very strong individuals. Always dialled in to the collective super highway of ideas, this group can feel the pulse of the collective and often rides the first wave that the rest of us will be riding in six to twelve months down the track.

Their beauty lies in the utterly new perspectives that they view reality with, as if they have landed here from the future. When younger, this energy can feel like a total outsider, as if viewing the world and their lives from a great distance but this is their power, they aren’t here to fit in with the status quo, they are here to forge new paths.

With the fastest minds of all the air signs, Aquarian energy is the space we go to, to pluck new ideas from. This is high-speed conduit energy, able to receive lightning bolts of insight and inspiration, sent here to show us that there is not one way of doing and being but whole other worlds of being outside the structures we grow familiar with.

Travel: All aboard the first SpaceX trip to Mars

Fashion: Eclectic and electric

Artist / Author: Andy Warhol and his collective of freaks - showing the power of both the individual and the collective to make ideas happen with his factory of makers and repetition in work, changing the narrative of singular pieces created only by the hands of the artist.

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Sign: PISCES – The Daydream Believers

Dates: February 20 – March 20

Element: Water

Ruler: Neptune

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Personality traits: Pisces energy represents everything beyond time and space. That’s a pretty mammoth zone, the amniotic fluid of the cosmos. Pisces are verrrry tuned in to the energy and emotions of the people and environments that they spend time in and its vital that this sign gives themselves time at the end of each day to integrate back in to the self.

The daydream believers of the Zodiac, this sign needs direct experience, to have those moments where they feel hooked up to the cosmic mother supply – be that through night time or daytime visioning. Their field is wide open and boundless, as is their creative abilities – this is an energy that can create worlds and then very happily live within them without feeling the urge to translate said creativity in to the 3D realm but when they do…its divine.

Their sensitivities are a skill and best developed when they learn the boundaries of where they end and another person begins, otherwise, they can easily become their surroundings.

Travel: Buddhist temples and the mountainous surrounds of Northern Japan

Fashion: Long and flowing, temple gear.

Artist / Author: Gary Snyder and Jack Kerouac’s characters in The Dharma Bums, Jack’s character shows the oscillating ways that Pisces energy can search for direct experience; party town and/or meditating on a mountain.

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