Sicilian Summer & The Temple of Hera - Part 2.

By Gabrielle Penfold & Rafaella Lucini

Travel Guide

Both being romantics with a love for ancient history, we explore the island’s archeological ruins. Due to its natural resources, central location and importance for Mediterranean trade routes, Sicily was considered a crucial strategic location by many cultures. At various stages throughout history it was controlled by external powers including the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Carthaginians and the Greeks.

We uncover our favourite ruin site on the south-western coast. Perched by the sea an ancient Greek temple built in the 6th century BC is dedicated to Hera, the Goddess of women and family. Hera is illustrated as a majestic protectress of women, often holding a pomegranate - the ultimate ancient Greek symbol of fertility, marriage, life, blood and death. The temple is an awe-inspiring wonder to behold.

Time slows to a steady pace as we follow these dreamy daily rituals. 'Dolce far niente' is our mantra, the sweetness of doing nothing. We learn that the state of being idle is both blissful and liberating. Everything from the light to the feelings it inspires is golden and warm in the Sicilian summer...

Words by Rafaella Lucini.

Travel Notes

Covering only a small corner of Sicily, in a village called Scopello, known of its dreamy beaches and delicious food - Gabrielle Penfold & Rafaella Lucini share four top tips & must do’s. 

1 . Make a reservation for the balcony at Ristorante Bar Nettuno, and order the stuffed squid.

2. Spend a day at Tonnara Di Scopello. It's a Tuna Museum (how fantastic is that…!). It also just so happens to be one of the most spectacular swimming spots in the area.

3. Spend the day at Guidaloca Beach - another fantastic swimming holes. 

4. Make sure you take a visit to market Scopello - My dream deli, which we ate from most days. You wouldn't believe the incredible selection of cheeses, pickles and cooked treats. It was overwhelming.