To celebrate the launch of Ettore Blues, Lucy Folk has commissioned Seala Lokollo-Evans to create a series of ceramic works as a visual response to the current collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself… (where you grew up, youth, studies, now)

I was born in Byron Bay and grew up in the Byron Shire until I was 19. I went to Shearwater, the Mullumbimby Steiner School for 15 years and this, along with my home life really shaped the path for where I am now. I recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT specialising in Ceramics and Sculpture. Now I am working from my North Melbourne Studio where I make both small metal objects as well as ceramics.

Is this where you draw inspiration?

Definitely. Going to a Steiner school was a really magical experience and the memories I have from that as well as home life inspire a lot of my work today. 

How did you begin with your ceramics? What made you choose that medium?

Since I was little I loved using clay. We used it a lot at school and at home. When I moved to Melbourne I met some very talented artists who work with clay and they definitely inspired me to continue using the medium. Clay, as a material, is very beautiful. It has a calming nature. I think I love how it absorbs a lot of water in it... keeping you feeling cool and relaxed.

What have been your most proud moments in your artistic journey so far?

Having the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Lucy Folk.

This year I  was awarded two awards from Craft Victoria which was unexpected and a proud moment for my personal journey.

What is your first memory with your art?

My earliest memories I have are being involved with painting, drawing and making all kinds of things with my mum, dad and sister. Everyone was always making something in our household. 

What have you learnt?

To be grateful for the opportunities and support around me.

Who or what keeps you inspired?

Seeing friends and family around me pursuing their various passions inspire me on a daily basis.

How would you describe your creative aesthetic?

I love process, texture and pattern...the building of a work is more important to me than the finished object. 

Tell us about the works you have created for the LF collaboration?

I have created a collection of small vessels inspired by Lucy Folks Ettore Blues. 

The works embody the texture, colour and pattern you see throughout Ettore Blues apparel and jewellery, combined with my signature shapes, textures and symbols. 

The vessels are like old relics, not two are the same. Each holds it's own identity. 

Some quick Q's

Black/ White or colour? 


Earrings or necklace


Less or more? 


Day or night? 


Summer or winter? 


Coffee or matcha? 


Beachside or poolside? 


Read or watch? 


What’s your go-to at LF?

Lucy Folk necklaces, the Divinity Necklace and the Golden Eye Necklace

Seala’s ceramic vessels are exclusively sold at PLAYA. For more information, please contact