Introducing Salacia

The sea is a delight that arouses all our senses. It is soothing, inspiring, rejuvenating and all the while, invigorating. Lucy Folk compels us to ponder the alluring power of the ocean with her new world - the luxurious Queendom of Salacia.

Goddess of salt water, female divinity of the sea, queen and lover of Neptune, Salacia evokes the sensational splendours of the sea. We all crave sensory awakening and surrendering to the ocean is an age-old balm for afflictions of ennui. So let us escape beneath the rolling waves and pass through the gates that enshroud Neptune’s stately deep-sea domain…

There rides Salacia in her pearl shell chariot, drawn by dolphins and hippocampus. She is attended by mesmerising mermen and seductive sea-nymphs. How beautiful she is. An ethereal pleasure to behold, a slice of heaven. We are drawn to her, captivated by those flashing azure eyes, enticed by that translucent skin. Oh, sensual Salacia, your charm is irresistible. A Venus Fan Shell glimmers upon her breast. Could we attain her queenly attributes by adorning ourselves with such relics of the sea?

With a sultry aura, a knowing smile upon her luscious lips, she beckons to us and begins to tell her story...

Long ago before their marriage, Salacia was fearful of the imposing Sea God’s devious intentions. She hid herself in the Atlantic Ocean to preserve her virginity. Alas, lustful Neptune would let no oceans stand between him and his desires. He sent adolphin to search for her and persuade her to share his throne. Beguiled by the clever dolphin she agreed to return. Neptune was so ecstatic he awarded the dolphin a place in the heavens, amidst the stars of the constellation Delphinus.

Salacia opens up her chest of secret oceanic treasures. Her immortality glows from within. We are tempted to indulge yet we know better than to meddle with this femme fatale.

Salacious Salacia we know your fishy ways! So we rise back above the waves to the safe haven of land. The ocean has aroused our senses. And now that we possess one of it’s sparkling mysteries, let us go forth, and conquer all.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk
Producer - Skye Burke
Local Producer - Violeta Lopez-Hovart
Photographer - Nacho Alegre
Photographer’s Assistant - Giovanni Galiliei
Lighting Assistant - Alexandre Salle de Chour
Stylist - Kirsty Barros
Stylist’s Assistant - Gabrielle Penfold
Hair - Sebastien Richard
Make Up - Adrien Pinault
Talent - Valentine Bouquet
Illustrator - Luke Edward Hall
Copy - Rafaella Lucini
Behind The Scenes - Brigette Clark
Movement - Henry Cousins
Graphic Designer - Gemma Leslie
Retoucher - Evelyn Houf