Q&A with Marta Bonilla

Marta Bonilla is a ceramic artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Marta started ceramics a few years ago and was totally hooked on the material and the freedom that it allows when working and designing. The pieces and objects that Marta creates are all handmade, and unique to her. Her motivation when creating is that the object does not lose its naturalness, which is seen throughout each object.

Lucy Folk caught up with Marta to talk to her about the process of designs, her inspiration and her dream destination, post-quarantine.

Where is home?

I am located in Barcelona. But for my house it is anywhere that I feel surrounded by elements that I like such as, nature, the sea, good light, good food, good friends and my crafts.

How long have you been an Artist?

I started with ceramics about 5 years ago. But I have always liked drawing in my spare time, and everything related to manual work. But, I discovered the modelling technique of ceramics about five years ago, and I loved it!

Are you from a creative family?

In my family, my grandfather was a painter at heart, he did not earn a living from it, but we have a great collection of paintings by him. And my mother is very fond of textile art.

Who or what is inspiring you today?

So many things inspire me! Everything around me, from the nature of the fields to the buildings and details that I see in them. And creative women are a great source of inspiration. One of my favourites is the work of Valentine Schlegel.

What are you reading?

I'm reading this book "Miguel Milá, Lo esencial: El diseño y otras cosas de la vida." It is a journey throughout the designer life. Going through the creative process and through the different materials he uses. I like it a lot.

Favourite art book?

Watercolors by Natalie Haeusler & David Horvitz

Valentine Schlegel: Je dors , je trevaille

Do you sketch your ideas before you create them?

Normally yes, I do sketches, but other times the piece is created during the process. Sometimes I start with an idea in mind and end up changing it during the process. And therein lies the magic! Many times, the result surprises you.

What is your most favourite creation?

I love the Dona Lamp.

What are you cooking?

I am very fond of cooking pasta and cakes. But lately I have the feeling that what I cook the most is porridge for my nine-month-old son Leo.

What are you listening to?

I have a lot of vinyls, but these days I can’t stop listening to Cat Stevens album’s "Tea for the Tillerman"

And most importantly, where are you dreaming of visiting?

These days I am dreaming about places by the sea, somewhere on the Costa Brava or the Italian coast, I would love to visit Pompeya. Or visit a country in South America again.