Some of today’s cultural heroes may not have much in common, but they have all worn hats by Nick Fouquet —think Pharrell Williams, Sia, Bob Dylan & Madonna. Nick Fouquet grew up in NYC, born in France, and now is based in Los Angeles were he makes bespoke hats …Hammering, ironing and burning materials are just some of his techniques…

Where did you come from?

I was born in NYC but grew up in France. The real deal is I don’t know where I’m ever supposed to say where I’m from, grew up all over.

You are the only boy of six siblings – we bet that has helped you with keeping up with the ladies and what they want when it comes to style?

Believe it or not it hasn’t helped in either those departments, I’m painfully shy and awkward, my sisters always picked on me and they still do... stylistically, they all have weird style hahah but I love them

There is a certain traditional western sensibility about your designs, did you meet a Cowboy and fall love or something?

In the root of my designs there is an Americana influence, an under-tone but by no means is it the full vision.

You’ve carved a niche for yourself making premium headwear, what’s your secret?

Work really really hard, and don’t listen to what people tell you you should do.

What drives your creativity?

Travel is the nucleus of my creativity, new sights, smells and sounds make my creative juices go in overload

You have pretty amazing hair, isn’t it a shame to cover it with a hat? What makes a hat the perfect accessory?

Why thank you! A hat can change a whole ensemble, it’s the best accessory.

People like Pharrell, SIA and even Bob Dylan have all worn your designs – who best epitomises the Nick Fouquet vibe?

That’s a tough one, I love Keith Richards, so I would have to go with him.

Folk has a bespoke service where she creates one off pieces for her private clientele, we hear you do the same, what is your most extravagant creation to date?

The top hats we make are pretty extravagant, we’ve made some for burning man that are next level with strobe lights, gold and coverage holders

Fashion is such a sensory experience; how do you create that for your own clientele?

Well it’s a collaborative process in customisation so we discuss their history and life and dreams. I feel I’ve developed my own vision and world, your either get it or don’t.

You have described getting the right materials to produce your hats as a treasure hunt, how do you approach working with artisans?

Artisans and craftsmen are what keep the industry true today, I love finding a welder, healer, leather worker, it a collaboration.

How many hats do you own? Folk has a custom jewellery case that goes everywhere with her on her travels, what is your advice for travelling with hats?

I own only one hat... no need to make a 100 my style changes season to season so I can make a hat for any occasion or any week and sell it off my head. I’m not attached

You describe yourself as part psychedelic adventurer…. Folk herself is a nomad, how do you fuel the adventurer within you? What are your favourite parts of the world?

I love Morocco, Peru and the south-west of France. There’s so many place I love it’s hard to decide.

You stole your mum’s credit card and went and lived in Patagonia for 5 months – how was that?

It was a game changer and the best thing I could have done, it really gave me the direction I needed. It was tough with the elements, being lost, but it made me so much stronger. All my kids are going do the same thing I did one day.

You live in LA? We love LA and have had so many fun trips to the capital of sunshine – what is your favourite part about living there?

The ocean and outdoor lifestyle, the food is so amazing today there, it wasn’t so the case 10 years ago... LA has so much to offer as an international city such as style, music & events.

You lived and studied in Australia – did you love it here? Was it difficult to leave?

I loved it … what an amazing country. I can’t wait to go back

You’re coming to Australia for the Caulfield Cup - has this been the furthest you’ve travelled with your hats?

I would have to say yes!!!

Folk’s favourite Fouquet hat is a bright yellow felt hat with a pop of turquoise – do you have a favourite?

I have so many favourites it wouldn’t be fair to chose.

What’s next for Nick Fouquet?

Other categories. Conquer the world. That’s it.

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