You’re the editor-in-chief of RUSSH, how did you get there?

I ask myself this same question all the time, I honestly don’t know. I came from a publishing background so the fashion stuff I just worked out as I went along. It’s been an interesting ride.

You grew up riding horses, was being the ultimate city girl and at the helm of a fashion magazine a dream come to life?

My dream was, and still is, to be a writer. I always loved print magazines as I had quite an isolated upbringing and they were entrée in a far more creative, global world than the one I knew. Media today is dynamic and a bit crazy, but addictive.

Does country life still influence your personal style?

No one who saw me in the country would ever dream I work in fashion. My parents like to point this out as I’m getting around in a swimsuit and riding boots, “What would the people at Paris Fashion Week think?”

In the city I still have a very practical wardrobe for work and mainly wear jeans and suits. I can’t stand it when I feel like I can’t move and over summer I live in things I can throw on over swimmers.

Your greatest achievement?

My 3-year old daughter Sloane. She’s a gangster. She has so much attitude, but incredible empathy.

Five beach essentials…

A hat. Sunglasses. Towel. Money. Straw bag. And I would take a sun umbrella if I could find one that wasn’t annoying.

Your favourite overseas summer destination?

Ibiza/Formentera will always have a special place in my heart.

What influences you the most both personally and for RUSSH?

Usually something very arbitrary that makes me curious.

A while ago a photographer friend sent me a song by Amen Dunes about a surfer called Miki Dora and I’ve become somewhat of a pilgrim of his since. He was a pioneer of surfing in the 50s and 60s prior to the commercialization of the culture.

I recently (and not by coincidence) spent some time in Malibu (his home territory) where I fell for a very Spartan house right on the beach and a utopian dream of living there without much except a little grommet family.

There’s been a lot of re-watching of Big Wednesday and Endless Summer and listening to surf bands like The Growlers, Wavves and of course, The Beach Boys.

You will see a lot of these obsessions play out in our upcoming ‘Paradising’ issue out in December.

How is the reader of RUSSH and the Lucy Folk girl similar?

They are dreamers and adventurers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

You travel quite often, do you have packing to a fine art?

I think packing may be my true calling.

I’ve had some elaborate itineraries for Cruise fashion shows and press trips over the years but always pack lightly and rarely seem to be without.

What’s your one go-to must pack item?

I never go anywhere without a pair of blue jeans or black swimmers.

Coming into Summer, what’s your weekly haunt?

Porch and Parlour in North Bondi is my summer canteen and I am dying for it re-open.

And I finally have a new bar called Poly in Surry Hills. I love their ginger soda and the ‘snacks’ make a perfect summer dinner. There’s an Octopus dish that will blow your mind.

Your top Sydney beach pick?

I lived in North Bondi while I was at University so it will always feel like my beach. I go early in the morning or late in the day.

Let’s play a game…

Black/ White or colour? Neutrals always.

Earrings or necklace? Earrings.

Less or more? Generally less but rarely anything in between. Happy to take things to extremes at times.

Day or night? Both. What is sleep?

Summer or winter? Summer. I try to follow the sun as much as possible.

Coffee or matcha? Espresso in the morning and matcha in the afternoon. I’m friends with caffeine.

Beachside or poolside? Beachside.

Paris or New York? Having been to both places in the last month I have to say, for now, Paris.

Read or watch? Read.

What’s your go-to at PLAYA?

Always the boiler suits. But my favourite piece now is the spear wedding band, I’d quite like one for my pinkie.

What’s to come in the world of Jess Blanch & RUSSH?

We are in the process of building RUSSH Creates, a formalization of the creative family behind RUSSH. It is community of purists with a vision for championing creativity in its true sense.

Alternative is that I take a long sea change to Malibu Beach.