Together with some of our favourite Los Angeles-based friends, Lucy Folk hosted an intimate evening to celebrate the launch of her eCommerce international website.

Flamingo Estate to celebrate together
A banquet aimed to stimulate your senses
Locational astrology to broaden your horizon
Clay making to surface the creativity
Psychic Wines to float downstream
Roaming sitar musician to inspire your rhythm
Madre Mezcal to enjoy the LA sunset
Moon Nectar Apothecary for spiritual well-being
Solar Return matcha ice-cream to relax your mind
Lucy Folk to find your inner Guru

Event Notes

Space – Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate Gatekeeper - Jeff
Catering – Ella Freyinger
Locational Astrologer – Astrocarto by Alexandra Clark
Ceramicist – Carmen D’Apollonio
Wines – Psychic Wines
Roaming Sitar Musician – Fred Jospeh
DJ - Mikey Longhair
Mezcal – Madre Mezcal
Guru Gem Essence – Moon Nectar Apothecary
Dessert – Solar Return
Photography – Davey James Clarke
Event Management - Zoe Communications

Lucy Folk now ships internationally. Visit our international site, or the Australian Domestic Website.

The Pre- Fall Guru Collection will launch globally on Tuesday 11th June.