Locational Astrology with Alexandra Clark

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Founder of Astrocarto, Alexandra Clark, works closely with clients by exploring their natal chart to identify their best location for creativity, travel, career and love. This practice is known as Astrocartography, and is a branch of astrology that can guide one’s path both literally and metaphorically. It’s an instrument used that will inspire you to pack your bags and move across the globe or guide you to an unexpected travel destination. Here, Alexandra talks to Lucy Folk about her practice and how she got to where she is today.

You're a Locational Astrologer - what does this entail?

I use someone's natal chart to create custom maps of their best locations around the world. With the maps we can tell the best cities for travel, love, creativity, and community. Through referencing these maps, we can also see how someone's life path may change depending on a move, or how they magnetize certain experiences, cultures, and opportunities into their lives.

You're based in LA - how long have you lived there for?

I've lived in LA for almost 6 years.

How did you fall into locational astrology?

I discovered it by chance while in school. A professor introduced me to it, and I became immediately hooked. I have always loved travel, and wanted to explore how the stars connect us to our environment and community! I found locational astrology to be the perfect combination of math and magic.

Aside from living in LA, where else would you live, or should we say where do your stars align?

I'm so curious about Hawaii! it's considered one of my best places, yet I've never been! I'm planning a trip sometime this year.

Quick Five:

Sun or Moon: Moon

Sunshine or Rain: Sunshine

Day time or Night fall: Day

Land or Water: Water

Fire or Ice: Fire

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