La Playa — a natural oasis ....

Time to reconnect to nature. Salt water, sunshine and sand - the perfect natural oasis. Celebrate the beach and her healing powers. Catch up on “me time”.  Enjoy the serenity. We welcome the coming of spring and her sister, summer.  All whilst wearing killer jewels, eye-catching eyewear and fabulous accessories …

Lucy's Favourite Beaches in Sydney

Gordons Bay
A crystalline oasis … climb down the rocks and find a spot for your towel. You’ll be surrounded by local fishing boats and wildflowers, make sure you bring some snacks (or snorkel) and a good book.

Bronte Pool
A sleepy and unpretentious beach. A perfect place to swim after your coastal walk from Bondi … if it’s too hot, there are plenty of shady spots under rocks to relax. 

Camp Cove
A sloping shoreline with turquoise waters. Grab a fresh coconut water from the quaint kiosk and make yourself comfortable on the sand. The water is calm here, so you can float in the water for hours.

North Bondi
Salty and fresh … pass the hours on the shoreline or simply go for a quick dip before work in the morning. This beach has a sleepy charm, and is much more relaxing than the main Bondi stretch.

Neilsen Park
It feels like you’re on the Mediterranean coast when you’re at Neilsen Park. In the peak of summer, arrive early to get a nice spot under the shady trees. A good spot for people watching, so bring your sunnies.