Q. How long have you been an illustrator for? Where did you start?

I studied menswear fashion design at university and after graduating worked for an interior designer for two years but I’ve always done other things on the side – painting, selling antiques, designing fabrics. I set up my own studio in 2015 and since then have worked across a variety of art and design projects.

Q. Have you ever collaborated like this before - have your illustrations featured on jewellery before?

No! It’s really exciting to see my work in metal and made into jewellery – it’s a completely new thing for me.

Q. Meeting at L’Avenue that day, what were your initial expectations? Were you excited or nervous?


Q. After our conversations, how did you make your ideas come to life? Is it a timely process or something you can put together quite quickly once you are in the zone?

I immersed myself in the stories of Salacia and Neptune and then just started sketching – I made lots of initial sketches (I always do) and after a while we managed to narrow them down and make a selection for the jewellery.

Q. What inspires you, day to day? How do you keep your creativity flowing?

Books, music and travel I’d say! Discovering new things keeps my mind alert. My studio is full of stuff – bits and pieces collected on holidays, framed drawings, piles of books and magazines, my fabrics and ceramics, vases of flowers and endless notes, scraps of paper and postcards. I need to be surrounded by my favourite things – they inspire me every day.

Q. What’s your favourite aspect about collaborating with someone? 

It’s wonderful working with people who do what they do extremely well and also something that’s different from what I do. I hadn’t previously thought about putting my drawings on to jewellery but that’s why this project has been so fun. Lucy Folk is brilliant at what she does – I really like her aesthetic and it was a great opportunity for me to see my work in a whole new way.

Q. What's your favourite piece of the collection and why?

The brooches I think because I can wear them! I like the design of the earrings a lot too.

Q. Salacia and Neptune- what’s your favourite part of her life? 

Neptune wanted to marry Salacia but Salacia was too in awe of her distinguished suitor and so hid from him in the Atlantic Ocean. I love that Neptune sent a dolphin to look for Salacia and because the dolphin found her and persuaded her to marry him, he awarded the dolphin a place in the heavens. This makes me think Neptune was kind and gentle – a good guy!