Sydney's Inner West Food Guide

Discover Sydney’s inner west through an afternoon of culinary delight with Gabrielle Penfold.

Continental Deli

Located in Newtown, Continental has the most glorious afternoon sun. Although the dinner is fabulous, I love going there for an aperitif. 

Pizza Madre

The most perfect seasonal pizza. To Raffy’s delight one of our pizzas had little zucchini flowers blessing the top. All the pizzas are vegetarian made with wild fermented sourdough. Also, if you're on a pizza mission - try Newtown’s Bella Brutta. The clam pizza will have you dreaming weeks after. 

Earlwood’s Greek Shops

Trianon cake shop is filled with fresh biscuits. The Kourabiethes, otherwise known as moon biscuits just melt in your mouth. Next door is Miloway, the Greek supermarket. You can get everything, even Carroten tanning oil. Try the pastries and fresh taramasalata.

Cow and Moon

I can always find room for Cow and Moon. Made famous by its mandorla affogato, it truly is the best gelato in Sydney. I did read that it has been hailed for producing the world’s best gelato. Weirdly after tasting most of the flavours, my favourite flavour has been natural yoghurt for years. It is the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant

Step back into the 80’s and make sure you go a peak hour. Sunny Harbour's yum cha is so much fun. The dumplings are great but the aesthetic is even better.