Life is all about the journey, not the destination. Isn’t that what they all say?

This collection is inspired by Lucy Folk’s journey, her travels, her relationship with nature, her thoughts on the intangible, translated into pieces that are.

At first glance, there are common themes with previous collections, but everything is a little more considered, holistic. There is spiritual evolution at play. This is evident in each piece from the palm earrings to the journeyman sunglasses. Take both on the trip with you, psychedelic or otherwise.

The natural rock amphitheatre of Playa del Silencio was the inspiration for the Silencio range, a tangible reminder to seek the silence within. Add a Mantra Necklace and look down upon the Contemplation Crochet Anklet and feel the good vibrations.

Engage with new textures and project a sense of self you never knew was possible. Follow your own path; Folk has, and has created something effortlessly unique, organic - a new level.

Tomorrow never knows, as the Beatles chanted. So, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. Who says you can’t be fabulous when reaching the next dimension…


Creative Director - Lucy Folk
Creative Director’s Assistant - Gabrielle Penfold
Photographer - Nacho Alegre
Graphic Designer - Gemma Leslie
Digital Operator - Giovanni Galiliei
Lighting Assistant - Eddy Ibarra
Stylist - Lauren Kennedy Malpas
Communications Manager - Katie Ingham
Producer - Skye Burke
Local Producer - Alexeja Pozzoni
Hair & Make Up - Marianne Agbadouma
Model - Sofie Hemmet c/ Elite London
Casting Agent - Megan McCluskie

The first drop of Lucy Folk apparel will be launching in the next coming days ... stay tuned.