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Crossley Street, Melbourne

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Located in the heart of Melbourne’s culinary and arts district, Crossley Street attracts both loyal Melburnians and curious tourists alike. Nestled within the laneway of culinary delights you will find our little hole in the wall - Crossley Street by Lucy Folk. Spending much time here, we share our hidden, and not so hidden gems in the city we call home.

Best Lunch: Pellegrini’s 
Best Dinner: The City Wine Shop 
Best Weekend Fare: The European 
Best Drink: Angel Music Bar
Best Healthy Drink: Cold Pressed juice from Spring St Grocer
Best Coffee: Traveller
Best Gallery: Tolarno
Best Arcade: Paramount Arcade for Post-Modern bliss land (Chef Lanka for weekday lunch) + Pei Building @ Collins Place (Kenzan dinner at the sushi bar + a flick at the Kino)
Best View: Siglo