Love is in the air!

This tee is a special gift for our beloved Australia. As a brand we were poised to launch this initiative in March, and then as the pandemic hit one of the many difficult decisions we faced was to put the project on hold. We are now coming into the Australian Spring and all living in a very different world, and constantly adjusting to the challenges 2020 is throwing us.

So much has changed, and one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to use our voice and network to protect and cherish the Australian landscape. Spring for us signifies new growth, and also represents hope, and we are delighted to finally kick off our Love Is In The Air initiative with Greening Australia.

100% of the profits from our Love is in the Air t shirt will go directly towards restoring Australia’s native landscape and protecting our unique biodiversity for future generations. Greening Australia have a target to plant 1/2 a billion native trees and shrubs by 2030.

Visit for more information on the work they are doing to conserve and restore the countryside we love.

Our Love Is In The Air T-shirt is made in Australia using 100% certified organic cotton, and printed using non-toxic water based ink with the artwork designed by illustrator Lizzie Nanut.

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