There is a time in everyone’s life when they feel alone. Then, they start to feel crazy. OK, so we’re speaking from experience. However, in our experience, which is all too long, feeling like a basket case doesn’t mean it’s the end. It means it’s the beginning. One has the opportunity, it would appear, to be free, to accept insanity and be liberated by that rather than be constrained by preconceived ideas. So, you want to go to Morocco for no particular reason? Do it. So, you want to make a human sized basket you can sit in when you need time to think? Go on. Being a basket case means that you can act on instinct. Sometimes it will pay off , and every time, you will create a memory.

The other highlight of basket casing is that you can find other people who are just like you. Maybe you go to get in your basket and there’s another person inside, so you share it. Through sharing a space you also begin to share your feelings, your thoughts, your inner dreams and desires. Suddenly, rather than feeling alone, you have found your person and you’re both a little bit on the edge. You realise that’s what makes you feel alive.

So, let’s live! And if we’re going to get out of our basket and face the world, accepting our own foibles and wearing them for the world to see, we may as well look fabulous doing it. Wear your Frequent Flyer Sunglasses at sunrise, even if it’s a little too dark. Wear your Snake Charmer Earrings at night so you can never be lost, and always be found. Match your baskets with your friends and choose Dumbbell and Marrakech bags to charge through the Medina. Wear a Towelling robe to dinner, just because you can, pair it with a Basket Case Anklet, because that’s how you’re feeling. Match your ankle to your neck, if that’s what you’re desiring, and let no one get in your way.

Come out of that basket and go your own way. We think you’ll find many others will want to go that way too.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk
Photographer - Michal Pudelka
Photographer’s Producer - Paul Joyce
Art Director - Tessa Mulford
Producer - Isla Gordon-Crozier
Local Production - Boutique Souk
Camera Assistant - Max Tomlinson
Digital Operator - Lachen Mellal
Retouching - Dennis Tuffnell
Film Director - Sophie Edelstein
Director Of Photography - Amelia Hazlerigg
Editor - Caroline Aguirre
Colourist - Faith Millin
Stylist - Valentine Fillol-Cordier
Assistant Stylist - Kirsty Barros
Make Up - Celia Burton
Hair - Kota Suizu
Talent - Karina Kozionova & Hanna Strobeck
Shot on location at the Beldi Country Club in Marrakech, Morocco