Sometimes you need to get some perspective. Think. Meditate. Go fishing....

What we really mean is you need to see things from a new perspective, look at things from a new angle. Although often we think we’ve seen things from the right angle, there is always another angle, another perspective you can explore. And isn’t that what makes life great, the knowledge that, however you see something, there’s always another way to look at it. These angles are what keep us moving forward.

When we go back to nature, we can think not only about how our feet feel in the sand but how the sand feels on our feet. If the crab enjoys being watched digging its cave or if the ocean is feeling friendly enough to allow us to swim. Getting back to nature also begs the question – does nature want to get back to us?

When we see a reflection of our self in the water, is this what the water sees back? It makes us wonder in fact, that when we see our own reflection, is this what everyone else sees? Is this what we want them to see? Or would we prefer that they see something different, something more controlled. Is the way we are perceived dependent on the angle from which we are viewed?

Exploring doesn’t mean stripping down entirely. Not all fishing trips should end empty handed. There’s always room for a diamond or two floating at the bottom of the ocean that needs to be caught. In fact, there’s always a catch, surprising or otherwise, lurking at the bottom of the ocean.

Once we get to know who we are, from every different angle and we’ve explored the earth, then it’s time for us to be seen for who we are by someone who we may just have met when we went fishing. Off you go and explore. No one is going to stop you. Especially if you’re adorned in Lucy Folk.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk

Art Director - Tessa Mulford

Producer - Skye Burke

Photographer - Pierre Toussaint

Stylist - Kirsty Barros

Make Up - Naomi McFadden

Hair - Nicole ‘Dolly’ Ward

Model - Waleska Gorczevski