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Arco Iris | Resort 2021

Photography: James Tolich

Light Holds all its colour until struck with a match. A precious stone as a lens to view the world in all shades of its rainbow. The rose colour moments that occur everyday – small miracles captured to be kept, cherished, and passed like shadows to the next. Acro Iris celebrates the mystical spark of nature, and its elements.

When met by the energies of nature’s gemstones, our bodies, much like light, evolve into a spectrum of colour. Deep blues of lapis, and burning oranges of carnelian energise the body through the wheel of its chakra points. Visualisation and creativity move in unison to the warmth of the sun. Although fleeting, its glow radiates in ripples of colour, passed on from day to night and into the next.
Like dreams these paths, and the escape they bring, need a motif — from the rocky island of Es Vedra in the Balearics, to the shapes of falling shadows on the sacred walls of Toulon. The subtle beauties of these motifs are worked into jewellery, to protect and energise those who harness their power now, and into the future.
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Arco Iris celebrates the changing of season for the summer that awaits. An optimistic shout to the gods who pull the sun across the sky, to reflect its energised light from nature’s gemstones to us. An empowering talisman of outward and inward change to guide us down the paths ahead.
The Edit: Golden Hour
Prepare for the changing of winds to offer a new vision, as the summer light reflects the colours of the rainbow, and new energies follow in its path.
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Inner Diameter

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Size Conversion Chart

US 6
FR 47¾ 49 50 51¾ 52¾ 55¼
IT 6
Millimetres 15.04 15.4 15.8 16.1 16.51 16.71 17.35
Inches 0.592 0.606 0.622 0.634 0.650 0.658 0.683

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Length 723123 723.5123.5 724124 724.5124.5 725125
Measure the length from top edge straight to the hem.
Shoulder Width 79.739.7 70.840.8 71.941.9 7343 74.144.1
Sleeve Length 74.864.8 75.265.2 75.665.6 7666 76.466.4
Waist 75.585.5 75.585.5 75.585.5 705.5105.5 705.5105.5

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Size XS S M L XL
US 2 4 6 8 10
UK 6 8 10 12 14
IT 38 40 42 44 46
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JP 5 7 9 11 13

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