This season, Lucy Folk wanted to think about shapes. And not just the shapes we would usually think about, triangles, squares, circles and the like (but don't worry, for all your traditionalists, they're there), but shapes we haven't yet considered. What shapes we are and what shapes we become.

What happens when we start as one shape and morph into another? Are we always the same shape we were born as, or do we change? And do we always identify with a shape, or does that change too? SHAPESHIFTING is about transformation, evolution and not being judgemental. It's about starting somewhere and moving somewhere else. It's about thinking about things graphically, about having a consistency in aesthetic but having a well of thought bubbling below the surface. It's about the future.

In SHAPESHIFTER, Lucy Folk takes two girls, two shapes and contrasts these human shapes with the graphic space of P JOHNSON and her own designs. One of our girls reclines against a moss green hexagon, contrasting with a triangular gold crochet earring hanging from an ear. A crochet gold circle hangs from the other. Is she a triangle, a circle, a hexagon or a combination of all three. Or none. Does the girl need to communicate this or can it be left glistening in the air like a question that will be forever on the tip of a tongue? Of course. Speaking is overrated. Shapeshifting jewels are not.

Pearls that transform from spheres to pills feature - a shape transformation unexpected but no less welcome - and wearing them frees you to think about pearls differently. Who doesn't want to think about pearls all the time? Lucy Folk has become synonymous with pearls and now she's shifting their shape. Confused or in a moment of transformation? So are the Pulling Shapes stud and hoop earrings. There's a circular undertone but there's a combination of many shapes and many different ideas and personalities in these pieces. They're for someone on a journey. So are the Talking Heads earrings. Like their namesake brand, they're for someone who wants to make a shape shifting statement.

Signature Lucy Folk rectangular Cocktail Clutches are best worn with circular Round The World sunglasses. Shapes are better combined in Lucy Folk's world, especially these high impact visceral pieces. They will help you express physically whatever you want to say.

Look to the future. Become who you want to be. Change your perspective. Shift your shape.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk
Art Director - Lizzie Nanut
Producer - Skye McRae
Photographer - Pierre Toussaint
Stylist - Kirsty Barros
Hair & Make Up - Naomi McFadden
Talent - Maddy Elmer & Coco Piesse
Interiors - Tamsin Johnson
Location - P Johnson Sydney