The idea of getting back to nature is a cliche we all lean on when time is tough, when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted by our city lives. However, the barrier between the two need not be a barrier, natural living can exist in cities too. We can be who we want to be when we feel like it, even if it feels like an uncomfortable juxtaposition or an unlikely partnership. It can be a way of life...

For true originals, like Lucy Folk and like anyone who wears her pieces, creating your own identity in a sea of same and matching, is the ultimate badge of honour.

Wear Green Hues on your ears and fingers and bring the forest to the city. Wrap the Balearic around your neck or wrist and hear the lapping of the Mediterranean in your ears. Disrupt the ordinary and demonstrate your individual flair in a cluster of jewels, each which makes a statement to those who recognise true individuality.

Diving For Gold sunglasses remind you that the reflection o the moon looks like an untouched ocean, allowing you to recreate this naturalist way of thinking, seeing and feeling in your everyday life.

It isn't a holiday, it's the real thing.

This is all about being the person you want to be, bringing nature to your every day without having to take a break. It is about the seamless integration of all you ever wanted. It is about making your every day your own, being original and daring in your choices, spiritual in your approach, stylish in your outlook. This is about never needing to get back to nature - it is with you every day with Naturalist.


Creative Director - Lucy Folk
Art Director - Lizzie Nanut
Producer - Isla Gordon-Crozier
Photographer - Mason Poole
Stylist - Valentine Fillol-Cordier
Model - Matilda Lowther
Hair - Kota Suizi
Make Up - Kristina Ralph Andrews
Shot on location in Formentera, Spain